About Taylor Sales and Service

Jimmy Palmer, President of Taylor Sales and Service, in the company's test kitchen.Taylor Sales and Service Inc. specializes in high-quality food service equipment, guaranteed technical support, and unmatched personal attention to its customers’ needs; to partner real-time growth strategies to sustain sales growth and profit margins.

Based in Irondale, Alabama (near Birmingham), the company was founded in 1983 by James Palmer as Southeastern Distributors. His son Jimmy Palmer, who started learning the business as a youngster, bought the operation in 1997 and renamed it to focus on the Taylor® brand – an industry leader of food service equipment for over 85 years!

The company’s 22-person staff serves clients all over Alabama and parts of Florida and Mississippi. Its reputation for top-notch service matches its proven ability to help food-oriented businesses attract new customers and increase profits.

Taylor Sales and Service’s devotion to quality has helped the company build a client list including thousands of satisfied customers; serving single-shop Mom & Pop locations to national brands like McDonald’s® with hundreds of local restaurants.

“We specialize in adding new food services to existing business and installing whole menus for startup business,” Jimmy says.  “In partnering with Taylor the focus is on helping our customers increase their sales and expand their profits.”

From the unparalleled customer service and support to the delivery, installation and training on equipment operations; Taylor Sales and Service stands out above the competition in exceed customer expectations, even going the extra mile to ensure that the customers’ offerings are promoted properly and providing options to draw additional business into their location.

“We try to provide more than you expect, every time,” Jimmy promises. Adding a personal perspective, he says: “My most rewarding moments as a Taylor® distributor—and they happen almost every day—are when customers come to me with specific needs or service issues, and I get to help resolve the matters. I look at each case as a challenge, try to put myself in their shoes, and do whatever it takes to make things work. When business is good for them, we’re both happy.”