Frozen Beverages

What can Frozen Beverages do for your business?

  • High profit margin—up to 90% over costs
  • Fully automated—load ingredients, wait just a little, serve
  • Small footprint—compact equipment fits almost anywhere
  • Counter or floor models—whichever suits your space
  • Control costs—nothing goes to waste
  • Consistent quality—drinks turn out the same every time
  • Easy cleanup—just once a week
  • Efficient use of time—no messy blenders to deal with
  • Service guarantee—we’re there for you

Shake up your menu!

Whether your customers choose to substitute their beverage or indulge in the smooth creaminess as a dessert, MILKSHAKES are a great way to grow sales per customer!



Realize profits of nearly 100% on FROZEN CARBONATED BEVERAGES

Treat yourself to big profit opportunities while offering your customers their preferred dessert choice

Keep your business and customers healthy with smoothie offerings

In today’s world, many are looking for healthy alternatives. Provide your customers just that by offering smoothies, juices, teas, and cappuccinos with Taylor’s FROZEN UNCARBONATED BEVERAGES machines.



Spice things up with FROZEN COCKTAILS

Distinguish yourself in the market with specialized recipes including varieties of customer favorites like margaritas and daiquiris.