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Cooking provokes a feeling, and choosing the best instruments demands rationality.
Not only do chefs compete with creativity, aesthetics and the good fl avour of every dish on a daily basis, but they necessarily have to devote special attention every day to safeguarding the organoleptic properties of foods and the safety of what they serve at the table.

And that is why the professional, working with passion and reasoning with a cold heart, chooses as a partner a reliable, versatile, highly technological blast chiller, made to optimize time and earnings for quality catering in compliance with the latest food safety regulations.
And that is why chefs choose Lainox.

New Chill is the cardinal element of a new kitchen organization system, where preparation, cooking, chilling, holding and re-heating are consecutive phases of just one work system that disengages dish production time from that of service (distribution and consumption).

Blast chilling

Bacteria and micro-organisms reproduce in favourable temperature conditions between 60 °C and 10°C. New Chill, with its blast chilling or fast freezing, ensures that the products thwart this danger very quickly so as to guarantee maximum safety for the food and to cancel out the risk of food intoxication.

The process of blast chilling at the product’s core creates an actual thermal shock that prohibits the proliferation of those bacteria responsible for the natural aging of products, so preservation is improved and can last longer.

Soft blast chilling

From + 90°C to + 3°C at the product core in maximum 90’.

The air temperature in the cavity stays constantly at 0°C. Ideal for blast chilling cooked dishes and delicate products such as, for example, creams, leafy vegetables, escalopes, etc., which can be preserved at + 3°C optimally up to 5 – 7 days.

Hard blast chilling

From + 90°C to + 3°C at the product core in maximum 90’.

The air temperature is variable, with intelligent use of various temperature steps. Ideal for chilling large-size, thick items and/or full loads.

Shock freezing

Normal chillers cool foods slowly.
This allows large ice crystals to form in the process. They damage the tissue structures of the food and when the food is thawed, they break down the structure of the food, spoiling consistency and quality. New Chill, on the other hand, quickly takes any food product to the temperature of – 18°C at the core, and only small ice crystals form, which do not damage the structural characteristics of the product. And so we get a product of absolute quality, consistency, taste and colour after it is thawed, with all of its nutritional characteristics.

Soft Shock freezing

From + 90°C to – 18°C at the product core in less than 240’.

The temperature is lowered in two phases: in the first, the product is blast chilled up to + 3°C at the core and then, in the second phase, it is frozen up to – 18°C.
Shock freezing is ideal for freezing raw and semi-prepared food (like meat, fish, fresh pasta, sponge cake, etc.) that can thus be preserved for several months (at –18 °C) while keeping their organoleptic properties intact.

Hard Shock freezing

From + 90°C to – 18°C at the product core in maximum 240’.

The air temperature in the cavity stays constantly at – 40°C
Ideal when it is necessary to grapple with demanding situations in terms of product quantity, its thickness, or if quickness is needed.