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Maximize Foodservice Appeal For Existing & Prospective Students.

University Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment

Improve The Overall Dining Experience  Minimize Preparation Time And Waste  Expand The Palette With Memorable Recipes

It’s no secret that Foodservice has become part of a proverbial arms race in helping Colleges & Universities compete for (and retain) students. Particularly the most demanding — and often the most profitable — individuals; namely those with enough disposable income to take full and regular advantage of a school’s premium food and beverage offerings, in addition to standard cafeteria fare.

Improve Cooking Efficiency, Yield & Food Safety

Increase your kitchen’s capacity with less equipment and lower energy costs — without costly installation of hoods and vents. Our Lainox Naboo Combi Ovens deliver significantly higher output, quality and consistency than conventional convection ovens.

Just as importantly, Naboo Combis record HACCP Data at every stage of preparation; ensuring that your food is always safe to serve — while providing supportive evidence for your operation, if you’re ever falsely accused for causing food-borne illnesses.

For Catered Events, Combi Ovens enable you to consistently prepare single items — or full menus, simultaneously. Used in combination with our blast chiller, our Combis can re-therm entire plated dishes — preserving fresh-prepared food quality, by retaining virtually all flavors and juice.

Increase Burger & Grilled Sandwich Revenues & Margins

For absolute speed, quality, consistency and food safety, there’s Taylor’s Two Sided Grill — with one-touch menu selection that automatically provides accurate Time, Temperature and Gap settings for every product.

Boost Impulse Buys & Dessert Business With Soft Serve

This traditional self-serve favorite is now one of the fastest-growing dessert choices at some of the trendiest restaurants in the country; offering you a nearly endless number of flavor combinations at a fraction of the cost, and server-staff time, that comes with scoop ice cream. Soft Serve machines are proven drivers for repeat sales — and require minimum maintenance & cleaning — with Heat Treatment options that can extend the time between full breakdowns to 28 days.

Tap a fast-growing market with one-touch Espresso Machines.

Serve hot with frothed milk or cold over crushed ice, Espresso drinks attract a fast-growing market of high-dollar sales. The perfect complement to any meal! Boost your coffee revenues — and your margins — with popular offerings like latte, cappuccino and frozen coffees.

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