Egro Super Automatic Coffee Machines

Compact and Powerful

Have you ever wanted to serve espresso based drinks to your customers but cannot because of time constraints? Egro super-automatics can be your solution. The Egro One with Top Milk XP can produce 250 cappuccinos an hour, all you have to do is select the drink off of the 5.7″ touchscreen display.

The drinks made from these machines are made exactly the same every time, taking away human error problems because a barista is not required.

ONE Touch

The ONE Touch has an advanced user interface with a 5.7″ touchscreen graphic display in full color. The easy-to use user interface guides the operator through the the choice of products. The color multi-page system enables the staff to choose from 48 products, each one with its own attractive user-friendly icon.

Visual help the user to constantly monitor the machine’s status by displaying which drinks are being served, the drinks queue, serving progress and the status of the machine. Text messages are also included with the machine’s reporting system.

The technical menu with restricted access offers the machine administrator a wide range of additional functions, such as precisely defining the ingredients of each individual drink, creating new drinks, checking the machine consumption, running diagnostic checks and regularly cleaning the machine with step-by-step procedures shown on the display.

ONE also offers the option of uploading and customizing screensavers, running promotions to boost business, displaying images or videos as drinks are served and teaching baristas with educational videos.

Egro One Touch – Top Milk XP

With the Top Milk XP added to the Egro One, the machine becomes a 1-Step Machine. This means that when you select from one of the 48 drinks, the machine will grind, tamp, brew, and froth/steam the milk based on the settings for that particular item. All you have to do is select the beverage and the machine does everything, the employee can then carry on other tasks while the beverage is being made.

This machine would be ideal for dine-in restaurants with high volume as well as coffee shops, hotel lobby cafes, and business offices.

Additional Options for Egro ONE Touch – Top Milk XP

Powder Module
The powder module allows you to add powder mixes like hot chocolate, non-fat milk, and non-dairy milk. The Powders are mixed with water and added to the cup. Again, it is all done with the push of a button. The powder module makes it easy to make hot chocolate, Mocha Lattes, non-fat lattes/cappuccinos, etc. (If there are any questions about if a certain powder you have in mind will work, we can have you come to our test kitchen and test the powder in the machine).



Egro Zero – Pure Coffee

Egro Zero makes a great 2-step machine as well. With an attached steam wand, milk can be steamed or frothed while espresso shot/s are brewing. Though it takes two steps to make the drink it is still a fast and efficient machine that can give any restaurant the essentials to make a quality cup of coffee.


Egro Zero – Quick Milk

The Egro Zero – Quick Milk is a 1-step machine with a better price point compared to the Egro ONE Touch. This machine is suitable for dine-in restaurants or anywhere with medium volume. Egro Zero can have 8 or 16 drinks programmed, making a consistent product for your customers. The Quick Milk fridge uses gravity to get the milk to the machine as it is then steamed or frothed.


Egro TWO

This machine is for the stores will extremely high volume of milk based coffee drinks. The Egro TWO is a work horse having the capability to put out 360 lattes or 500 espresso shots an hour. Just like the Egro ONE, it has a touch screen interface, but it can hold 96 programmed drinks.

Download Egro Two Brochure