Espresso Beverages


Served hot with frothed milk or cold over crushed ice, ESPRESSO DRINKS represent a fast-growing market that’s only going to get bigger.

Tap into a new revenue stream by adding latte, cappuccino, espresso, frozen frappuccino, and other coffee-based drinks to your lineup.

All Espresso machine purchases carry the same Taylor service commitment our customers have come to expect.

Call NOW to receive 900 FREE servings for with the purchase of any Traditional or Super Automatic Espresso machine!

What Can Espresso Beverages Do For Your Business?

  • High profit margin—up to 80% over costs
  • Fully automated—one touch grinds beans, brews coffee, steams milk
  • Simple to use—with minimal training
  • Small footprint—machines fit almost anywhere
  • High quality beans—your customers will appreciate
  • Call for demo—we’ll bring one over to show you
  • Service guarantee—we’re there when you need us

Traditional Machines

Keep Your Sales Steaming Hot!

Whether looking for a startup kit or an advanced espresso machine, Taylor Sales and Service has the Traditional Espresso Machine specific for your needs




Super Automatic Machines

Increase Sales While Cutting Costs On Barista Training!

Get the same quality product while automating the process and without having to pay the money for baristas with the EGRO ONE SUPER AUTOMATIC MACHINE