Flavor Burst

Flavor Burst specializes in developing flavor and candy injection machines. Our machines can add flavoring to soft serve product, shake, slush, smoothie, frozen carbonated beverage (FCB), frozen coffee, and even frozen cocktails, giving an existing machine virtually limitless flavor possibilities.

Instead of adding eight freezers to your floor space, consider the addition of a Flavor Burst that requires only 10″ next to your existing freezer at a fraction of the cost. Existing installations that added Flavor Burst have reported sales increases of 300% and higher. It’s a very small system that delivers really big profits!

Flavor Burst offers more than 40 different premium flavors from which to choose. The intrigue will capture the attention of your customers, but it is the flavor that will bring them back for more. The result is a fun, colorful product filled with great-tasting premium flavor!

FlavorBurst 80S Unit

The Flavor Burst 80S can be attached to a variety of Taylor freezers. Click here to view the 80S specification sheet.


FlavorBurst FB80 Unit

The Flavor Burst FB80 can be attached to a variety of Taylor soft-serve freezers. Click here to view the FB80 specification sheet.