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Since 1969 Frigomat has been supporting ice cream makers from around the world with many types of professional equipment: horizontal and vertical batch freezers, pasteurizers, aging vats, ice cream counter, whipping, cream cookers, combination machines, multifunction machines and machines for soft ice cream. Everything you need for professional standard, delicious gelato.

Frigomat Equipment

Frigomat G10 counter-top batch freezer

The “G” series vertical counter-top batch freezers are the right answer to the operators’ needs for a complete and reliable machine producing quality ice cream and slush in small quantities and with reduced investments.

  • Freezing cycle for gelato, ice cream, sorbet and slush.
  • “Temperature preservation” mode to keep the product at the right temperature and consistency if not immediately dispensed after the batch cycle.

Click here to download G10 specifications.

Frigomat G30 series vertical batch freezer

The “G30” vertical gelato machine has been specifically designed for the easy production of quality ice cream. This machine is conceived both for the experienced gelato master, who will appreciate the superior quality of their products in terms of consistency and texture, as well as for the beginner who has just started approaching the world of gelato and who will love their simplicity.

  • Big capacity vertical freezing cylinder.
  • Electromechanical control.
  • Freezing cycle with time setting and end-cycle buzzer.
  • Speed selection switch: standard speed for production; high speed for extraction.
  • Floor standing model (on wheels).
  • Freezing system working both on the walls and bottom of the cylinder to obtain the perfect consistency of the product.
  • Stainless steel beater with mobile scrapers very efficient.
  • Removable door with safety grid which allows an easy cleaning. The door design allows to decorate the pans following the latest trends.
  • Wide extraction hole for a quick ejection. The position of the extraction hole allows the product to fall directly into the pan, avoiding it to get in contact with other surfaces; the product remains particularly “dry”.
  • Transparent cover allows to check the product during the freezing cycle.
  • Height adjustable stainless-steel shelf.
  • Contained size. Extremely easy to use. Easy and quick to clean.

Click here to download G30 series specifications.


Frigomat GX4

Frigomat GX4For existing parlours or for independent corners, to create complete artisan gelato points with the guarantee of the Frigomat brand.

  • 4 independent production units with vertical cylinders.
  • Freezing cycles with adjustable production timer.
  • “Storage&Display” function to keep the product at the right temperature, ready to consume.
  • Floor-standing unit.
  • Air and Water cooling.
  • Thermostat to set the storage temperature.
  • Extremely functional equipment, easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Complete independency of the cylinders for the maximum flexibility of use.
  • Possibility to add hard pieces nuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.
  • Steel agitators with easily removable scraper blade for an easy cleaning.
  • Transparent lids, enabling the customer to see and follow the freezing process.
  • Safety switch on the lids.
  • Shower hose to wash the cylinders and the water drains.
  • Large variety of optional for customization purposes (tents, shelves, protective glass, lights, …)
  • Customized graphic upon request.

Click here to download GX4 specifications.

Frigomat Kream Series


  • For whipped cream and mousse.
  • Capable of whipping butterfat products up to 45%.
  • High production with an overrun up to 300%.
  • Removable tank for easy cleaning and no waste of product.
  • Refrigerated nozzle.
  • Pump completely disassembles for easy cleaning.
  • Counter-top, small dimensions and low energy consumption.
  • Setting for dispensing time and optional floor control pedal (only C007).

Click here to download Kream series specifications.

Frigomat PEB Series batch heat treatment freezer

  • Two automatic cycles: 149°F (65°C) and 185°F (85°C).
  • Semi-automatic cycle with temperature and time setting.
  • Bain-marie system which allows the temperature setting up to 194°F (90°C)maintaining the organic characteristics of the product.
  • Automatic no-frost function.
  • Stainless steel cylinder-block vat.
  • Quick release agitator fully detachable.
  • Outlet spigot with independent washing system for an efficient cleaning after each mix drawing.
  • High positioned spigot allows the use of big containers.
  • High-precision vat temperature control through a dip probe.
  • Automatic cycle restart in case of electrical blackout.
  • Prearrangement for printer connection (optional).

Click here to download PEB series specifications.

Frigomat T4S and T5S series horizontal batch freezer

Frigomat t4 series

  • Freezing cycle with consistency setting (up to six different levels).
  • High efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion (only T4S).
  • Counter-top (T5S) or floor standing (T4S).
  • Stainless steel beater with removable scrapers.
  • Stainless steel cylinder-block door with double safety system on grid and door.
  • Limited size and power consumption.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and quick cleaning.

Click here to download T4S T5S series specifications.

Frigomat Titan series horizontal batch freezers

  • Automatic freezing cycle to reach the ideal consistency according to the type and quantity of mix.
  • Semi-automatic freezing cycle with consistency setting.
  • Slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation.
  • Slush cycle with time setting and cyclic agitation.
  • High efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion.
  • Stainless steel beater with adjustable scrapers.
  • Stainless steel cylinder-block door with double safety system on grid and door Maximum flexibility from small to large batch sizes.
  • High-speed extraction with “extraction chill” option, to maintain the best consistency of the product.
  • Complete product ejection.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to use; easy and quick to clean.

Click here to download Titan series specifications.

Frigomat twin LCD series

Frigomat twin lcdFeatures
  • Six freezing programmes: automatic cycle; automatic cycle “PLUS” for higher consistency levels; two semi-automatic cycles with time or consistency setting; slush cycle with consistency setting and continuous agitation; slush cycle with time setting and cyclic agitation.
  • LCD panel featuring an interactive menu with 24 pre-set freezing programmes; “create” and “modify” functions (to customize and memorize up to 30 new flavours); “TURBO” function to increase the agitation during the freezing cycle.
  • High efficient freezing cylinder with direct expansion.
  • Stainless steel beater with adjustable scrapes.
  • Large shelf with dip tray and removable grid.
  • Adjustable pans support system for the maximum working

Click here to download Twin LCD series specifications.