Genuine Broaster

Chicken Perfected.

Genuine Broaster Chicken®

An American favorite for generations, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is simply the very best-tasting chicken made.

Because it’s pressure fried, Genuine Broaster Chicken® is more tender, juicier and tastier than ordinary fried chicken. Which ensures the kind of repeat business you need to keep revenues and margins strong.

As a licensed Broaster operator, you get everything you want –

  • Quality Broaster Equipment
  • Breadings, Marinades, Seasonings
  • High-Quality Cooking Oils
  • Packaging
  • Apparel
  • National Advertising
  • Marketing Support
  • On-site Foodservice and Equipment Training
  • Ongoing Local Distributor Support and Assistance

– and none of the things you DON’T want!

  • No development fee.
  • No royalty payments.
  • No franchise fee.
  • No need to separate sales
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