Grocery Stores

Improve Deli Food Quality. And Your Margins.

Grocery Store Equipment

 Create The Optimal Kitchen For Your Space. And Your Budget.  Increase Food Quality, Capacity & Customer Loyalty.  Expand Revenue Opportunities With Self Serve Favorites

Whether you’re looking to create new revenue streams, build a better deli, or start one from scratch, TSSI offers the experience and equipment needed to make your foodservice a consistent profit center.

Better Chicken, Faster.

For rotisserie chicken, our Combi Ovens deliver significantly higher output, quality and consistency than conventional convection ovens — while Broaster’s Pressure Fryers offer the same level of performance superiority over open fryers.

Build Self-Serve Business With Soft Serve

Drive profits and repeat sales with the timeless dessert standard that’s now attracting converts from the gourmet foodie crowd.

Generate margins of nearly 80% with Frozen Beverages

Load and serve in seconds, our machines — which include compact Counter models — are fully automated. What’s more, cleanup is easy and fast — with Heat Treatment options that can extend the time between full breakdowns to 28 days.

We even offer a Signature Series of original frozen beverages we helped develop in our own test kitchen: Recipes proven popular with our customers. And their customers. Like the Milo’s Freezey — which went wildly viral on Social Media (nearly 250,000 reached with a single Facebook post!). Looking to set yourself apart? Let us help you develop an original recipe!

What does success look like to you — and how can we help you achieve it? Call us today. And together let’s make a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.