Heated Merchandisers

Why the PFM Heated Merchandiser?
A compact, flexible heating unit designed to display and keep prepared foods consistently hot for an extended period of time is now available from Perfect Fry Company.

The PFM Heated Merchandiser complements the company’s ventless deep fryer, enhancing sales and profits for the end user.

The PFM Heated Merchandiser is only 16″ wide and attractively displays food items on two tiers. Air temperature is controlled by consistent convection heating in all areas of the units, keeping prepared food hot, fresh, and tasty.

PFM Heated Merchandiser design features include:

  • Compact (16″ W x 24″ D x 30″ H)
  • High product visibility using Polycarbonate doors.
  • Holds prepared foods longer while maintaining taste and consistency.
  • Air temperature regulated for consistent heating.
  • Self-serve through front doors or full serve from behind.
  • Optional shelf inserts and water tray; comes standard with one full and one two-thirds sized holding trays.
  • Power: 120 Volt, 10 amps, 1250 Watts

Click here to view the Heated Merchandiser specification sheet.