From the Kitchen to the Guest Room. And everywhere in between.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Optimize Food Quality   Minimize Preparation Errors & Waste  Boost Margins And Guest Satisfaction

Whether your foodservice is limited to self-serve breakfast, or you manage multiple Restaurants, bars and Catered meeting / event facilities — along with room service — TSSI offers proven solutions for maximizing food quality, yield and operational efficiency.


Combi Ovens | Cook Chill Systems

Popular in fine-dining restaurant kitchens, Combi Ovens like our Lainox Naboo enable you to consistently prepare single items — or full menus, simultaneously. Used in combination with our blast chiller, our Combis can re-therm entire plated dishes — preserving fresh-prepared food quality, by retaining virtually all flavors and juice.

Just as importantly, our Lainox Naboo Combis record HACCP Data at every stage of preparation; ensuring that your food is always safe to serve — while providing supportive evidence for your operation, if you’re ever falsely accused for causing food-borne illnesses.

Soft Serve Machines

This traditional favorite is now one of the fastest-growing dessert choices at some of the trendiest restaurants in the country; offering you a nearly endless number of flavor combinations at a fraction of the cost, and server-staff time, of scoop ice cream. Making it a surprisingly popular addition to celebration and wedding reception menus.


Combi Ovens

Lainox Naboo Combis are equally effective in both settings, delivering significantly higher food quality than standard convection ovens —while reducing shrinkage and moisture loss on rolls, biscuits and eggs.

Espresso Machines | illy Coffee

Whether you’re looking to raise overall quality and guest satisfaction in your breakfast bar, or increase sales and margins in your lobby bar, we offer a broad range of user-friendly, durable machines for serving premium-quality coffee beverages — from latte and cappuccino to frozen coffee. Including durable, quality units from Rancilio & Egro — and the same illy-branded machines used in Ritz-Carltons across the country.

We also offer a full-range of premium grade coffee for hotels looking to replace costly coffee-service contracts.

Frozen Drink Machines | Soft Serve Machines

Premium frozen beverages typically generate margins of nearly 80% with minimal waste. Load and serve in seconds, our machines — which include compact Counter models — are fully automated. What’s more, cleanup is easy and fast — with Heat Treatment options that can extend the time between full breakdowns to 28 days.

In addition to its growing popularity in trendy restaurants (noted above), Soft Serve machines drive profits and repeat sales with guests — and require minimum maintenance & cleaning.


If you’re looking to leave a lasting impression with your guests, TSSI offers a full line of illy in-room units and coffee. The same ones used in Ritz-Carltons across the country and — closer to home — Birmingham’s Ross Bridge Resort.

What does success look like to you — and how can we help you achieve it? Call us today. And together let’s make a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.