How Sweet It Is

Sweet Freedom coffee/smoothie bar

How Sweet It Is

Sweet Freedom coffee/smoothie bar“My dad was in the convenience store business when I was a child,” says Marty Griggs, owner of America’s Freedom Fuels in Phenix City and Fort Mitchell. “Later he sold it and we were in the restaurant business together for a few years.” In 2004, Griggs’ father asked if he wanted to get back in the convenience store business and he had a prime location. A sweet spot, if you will. After five years of planning and preparation, America’s Freedom Fuels was born.

frappeNow Marty Griggs has three convenience store locations, two in Phenix City and one in Fort Mitchell. Griggs knew from the beginning he wanted to offer his customers something special. That’s where Taylor Sales and Service came in. “I was researching yogurt machines for our new location,” Griggs says. “It was a five year process from buying the property to getting the store opened. I knew Taylor machines were high end machines and I wanted to use the best.”

Frozen yogurt is a popular item at America’s Freedom Fuels, but the sweet deals don’t stop there. The store also boasts an espresso machine, a smoothie machine, and a Milo’s Freezey machine. With these sweet offerings plus a bakery that serves everything from cinnamon rolls to cheesecake, America’s Freedom Fuels has become more than a convenience store, it’s become a destination for folks to get a sweet treat.

Grigg’s feels his Taylor machines are a great addition to his store’s bottom line. “I’m really happy with the service,” he says. “It’s been good and I can’t complain. I knew they were the best. Reputation-wise, that’s why I wanted to use Taylor.” How sweet it is!