Ice Cream Trucks

Want to Make Money?

Simply put, an ice cream truck = cash. Just one of our custom-designed, custom-built ice cream trucks could net you as much as $5,000 a day!

How You Can Profit

The old adage for a successful business says that there are only three things that matter: Location. Location. Location. Of course, we all know location is key, but there’s more to it than that.

1. Location!

Sure, location is important, but what does that mean when your business is on wheels? Standard frozen novelty vans troll neighborhoods and playgrounds in the hopes that a few children buy something. Versus taking your business to an event that hosts thousands of customers.

Our clients know that the places to be are music festivals, state fairs, flea markets, air shows, and sporting events. They number in the thousands, children and adults alike. They’re out to enjoy themselves, and they’re primed to buy something sweet!

2. Give Them Options

With our custom trucks you can give your customers the variety and options they crave. Your custom designed vehicle isn’t just set up for making soft serve ice cream or yogurt, it can also be equipped with Flavor Burst, milkshake spinners, slush, Hawaiian ice shavers, waffles, ice cream donuts, corn dogs, cold or dry toppings to name only a few options.

Vehicles can also be set up as a self serve operation. When your customers have the chance to serve themselves you and your customers will benefit! Your customer will make their dessert exactly the way they want and you make the huge profits exactly the way you want! If you have never seen this done before, it’s quite simple. You give your customer an empty dish of ice cream, they fill it with as much ice cream or yogurt as they desire, offer them a variety of toppings, once they have made their dessert you simply weigh the end product and they pay for what they took. It couldn’t be simpler or more profitable!!

3. Quality Makes the Difference

Delivering a quality product out of a Taylor machine is the sure way to make more money and repeat customers. Because the Taylor machine is designed for continuous freezing it provides fresh-tasting, high-quality treats with little waste and lower cost.

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