Technology that Cooks

Naboo is not a simple oven. It is real cooking technology. It is more than just a cooking device.

Lainox has put together a team of qualified professionals and the latest technology that unite to become your partner in the kitchen and simplify your business.

They also contribute to your peace of mind and quality of life.

 Naboo® Ovens

Naboo®, Enter a world of Content

The absolutely unique feature that distinguishes Naboo from other professional ovens is called Cloud.
In Cloud you find all of the content to create the finished product because we have put the recipes, process, preparation system, cooking program and the presentation of each individual plate in the Cloud.

Naboo provides, suggests and redefines everything you need for excellent quality results that are uniform over time.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection

Access to Cloud by Registration

All Content Permanently Available

Back-Up of all Content, Settings, Customizations

Content Sharing on Multiple Appliances

Technical Support always Available Thanks to Remote Service

User Friendly Technology

Naboo was designed to offer you all of the technology you need to cook any type of food while simultaneously offering maximum ease of use. Just swipe your finger over an icon to bring excellent dishes to the table.

In this manner, you will reap real savings right from the start that will increase your profits on every dish.

All Recipes in a single Click

Recipes from all over the world readily available and continuously updated thanks to the Lainox Cloud.

One Touch

Instant execution of the perfect cooking time for the selected recipe.

User Friendly

The interface is just like your mobile device, with the same functions: search for recipes, browse through menus, drag icons, create and organise folders for personal recipes.

Configurable Display

In the main screen, each user can insert their own most frequently used personal recipes. Icons with images and names make for intuitive programming.

Smart Recognition

Naboo checks the cooking compatibility of different products in multi-level mode, indicating which products can and cannot be cooked together.

ICS Automatic Cooking

Simplicity and customization are the Naboo keywords.

The sequence of the stages that are particularly linked to automatic cooking is extremely fast: I choose the recipe and customize the result offered by the system if I wish and start the ideal cooking method with “one touch”.

Multilevel Plus Cooking

With the Multilevel cooking system you can cook different foods with different cooking times simultaneously and Naboo will let you know with an audible and visual signal when the tray is ready.

This prevents downtime, partial loads and unnecessary consumption.

Smokegrill Cooking

With SmokeGrill, Naboo is the first professional oven that allows grill cooking that replicates the benefits of cooking with wood – flavour, taste, smell – without the disadvantages of wood, smoke and dirt.

Food is cooked just as if it were done on the grill or barbecue.

Night Cooking

Low temperature night cooking and subsequent holding ensure perfect maturation of the meat with minimum weight loss and low energy consumption.

All this is offered without the need for monitoring since the cooking data can be documented in compliance with HACCP norms and downloaded through the USB interface.