PastryShow is part of the “Show” project, which ISA decided to develop to revolutionize the world of ice cream, pastry and food shops in general. The keystones of this project are the three-dimensional view of the product, a completely transparent display system, and highly advanced technology.

PastryShow: is not just a showcase for pastries
It is a pastry showcase that perfectly enhances the food appeal of the products displayed. PastryShow concentrates technology, style and innovation into a design that will definitely make all the difference inside a shop.

PastryShow: unlimited visibility.
The completely transparent front and sides, the inclined display shelves and the unique arrangement of the different display levels make Pastryshow the pastry showcase that offers “unlimited” product visibility from every angle.

PastryShow: four levels of sweetness.
A different taste for each level. Along with its striking design and the highly expressive modern styling, inside Pastryshow incorporates the most advanced refrigeration technologies. With its three shelves it offers a greater display capacity and truly enviable product visibility.

PastryShow: more versatility
PastryShow is a real show of “made to measure” forms and compositions, designed to be most adaptable to any type of shop and furnishing needs. PastryShow is not just a showcase, it’s a whole new way of displaying product, a true stage for putting your creations in the limelight!

  • UL/NSF Approved
  • Models available:120,170, 220 all modular, including 45º internal and external angle modules.
  • Maximum visibility with all transparent.
  • Front tempered tlting glass.
  • Lower refrigerated display deck with three ambient display shelves.
  • Internal illmination below ambient shelves.
  • Rear hide-away sliding closure.
  • Sealed compressor: high refrigeration capacity, low consumption and low noise levels.
  • Accesible from every side for through cleaning.
  • The removable condenser unit ensures easy maintenance and servicing.
  • Stop compressor defrosting.