Pressure Fryers

Professional Pressure Fryers

Authorized as the only equipment for making Genuine Broaster Chicken®, Broaster pressure fryers are famous the world over for their high-output, outstanding quality, and years of dependable, trouble-free operation.

Available in gas and electric models, Broaster pressure fryers are the most efficient equipment your money can buy.  They’re perfect for high volume operations as well as smaller operations looking for delicious products and high profits.

Broaster® Pressure Fryers Save You Money And Time:


  • Shorter cooking time = more food per hour, faster service and greater sales per machine – especially with the Model 2400 which offers the highest volume per hour in the industry!
  • Save on cooking oil costs. Much less is absorbed into product! With open fryers, food can absorb up to 20% of the oil.
  • Less oil absorption means a better tasting product – and happier consumers.
  • Broaster® pressure fryers use less energy in comparison to the quantity of food they cook per hour.
  • Broaster® pressure frying is versatile, enhancing the flavor of potatoes, fish, pork chops, and other items.



VF-2: 19″W x 18-3/4″D x 24″H, 2 lbs. of product per load
VF-3: 23″W x 23″D x 27″H, 3 lbs. of product per load

Click here to view the detailed Pressure Fryer specification sheet.

Click here to view the Model 1600 specification sheet.

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Click here to view the Model 2400 specification sheet.