Lower Overhead And Operating Costs. Without Compromising Quality & Safety.

Prison Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment

We Understand: Every Penny Counts.

TSSI offers prisons a broad range of options to minimize the cost, time and effort required to provide inmates with healthy meals. Like our Combi Ovens — which enable you to consistently prepare single items, or full menus, simultaneously. Used in combination with our blast chiller, our Combis can re-therm entire plated dishes — preserving fresh-prepared food quality, by retaining virtually all flavors and juice.

Protect Your Kitchen Against False Complaints.

Just as importantly, Combis record HACCP Data at every stage of preparation; ensuring that your food is always safe to serve — while providing supportive evidence for your operation, if you’re ever falsely accused for causing food-borne illnesses.

Boost Morale With Minimal Cost.

There’s no easier, or more affordable way, to boost inmate attitudes than Soft Serve. What’s more, cleanup is easy and fast — with Heat Treatment options that can extend the time between full breakdowns to 28 days.

Upgrade Your Ice Machine’s Capacity And Dependability.

A popular perk for employee breakrooms. Over the long term, quality Ice Machines more than pay for themselves in reducing aggravation, downtime and maintenance costs. We even offer an ice machine Rental Program for short-term needs.

What does success look like to you — and how can we help you achieve it? Call us today. And together let’s make a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.