Maximize Quality, Consistency & Efficiency

Restaurant Equipment

 Minimize Cooking Time, Energy Bills, Food Cost and Waste

 Eliminate Preparation Errors and Stress

Whether you own a single fine dining establishment or multiple franchise locations, TSSI offers the experience and equipment to help you increase table turnover and customer satisfaction.

For absolute speed and consistency, there’s Taylor’s Two Sided Grill — with one-touch menu selection that automatically provides accurate Time, Temperature and Gap settings for every product.

The Ultimate in Error-Free Preparation

We can help in all these areas with our cooking equipment and largely most of all our equipment fits in these topics.

The Lainox Naboo’s cloud-based technology stores all your recipes in a secure database. Enabling you to program step-by-step cooking instructions for each recipe — so an average hourly staffer can flawlessly prepare even the most complex meals. Every time! Our Broaster equipment offers the same kind of Push To Cook simplicity — with easy-to-master onscreen menus.

Lainox and Broaster are just two of the equipment solutions we’ve used to help customers reduce food waste by up to 80%.

Expand Without Kitchen Renovation Costs

Increase your kitchen’s capacity with less equipment and lower energy costs — without costly installation of hoods and vents. Our Combi Ovens — or Broaster’s Pressure Fryers — deliver significantly higher output, quality and consistency than conventional convection ovens and open fryers.

Then there’s the Smokaroma Bar-B-Q Boss — which prepares pit-quality ribs indoors, using real wood, in about an hour. And like Combi Ovens, you can prepare a full menu with the Bar-B-Q Boss: Vegetables, potatoes and various meats — all at the same time, if you need to!

What does success look like to you — and how can we help you achieve it? Call us today. And together let’s make a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.

“What I like most about TSSI is, they’re a family-owned company. It’s never mattered what day or time it is, when I’ve needed help, they’ve been there. I once needed pins replaced in my Combi oven ASAP. They took the pins out of the one they had in stock, and were there within an hour.

You don’t see that kind of relationship much in business any more, but with TSSI, I’m more than a customer — I’m family.”

– Chef Sean Butler