Rotisserie & Hot Case Combinations

Global Series Rotisserie/Heated Display Combination VGG-5/SSWG & TSWG, Three, Four and Five Well “Combos”

The BKI Global Series of rotisserie/heated display combinations are designed and engineered to provide operators maximum profitability by offering efficient production combined with maximum merchandising capability; all in a compact system.

BKI Combo units are available in a variety of rotisserie capacities and display case sizes. Further versatility is offered with the choice of a standard self-serve surface warmer or larger capacity tiered surface warmer display.

All Global Series display merchandisers offer reliable and precise holding temperatures by providing upper and lower heat control from one centralized

Configuration Highlights:

  • 3, 4, and 5 well units available in self-serve surface warmer or tiered surface warmer configuration
  • Display models include available options of a stainless steel or painted finish base, pedestal base, and protective bumper
  • Option of glass or solid end panels on all cases
  • Multiple display units can be connected, providing a “continuous run” look, by using available joining kit accessory
  • VGG-5 has choice of curved or flat dual paned glass doors