Professional Sapiens Ovens


All the innovative technology is in the background, assisting you in preparing even the most complex dishes, safe in the knowledge that the cooking parameters are correct.

For those not requiring high-level electronics but who instead prefer to cook and plan with simple and manuals controls without, however, compromising on the precision of digital controls.

For those looking for an oven that is receptive to your commands but sturdy at the same time, suitable for everyone but evolved, traditional in its concept but rich in content, reassuring and efficient LAINOX has just the right proposal. The solution is called Sapiens.

Sapiens offers all the automatic and manual control equipment essential for the best and most consistent success in cooking.

In addition, the equipment and functionality of Sapiens demonstrate the care in design and the close attention that LAINOX has dedicated to the user.

HVS (High Visibility System) LED alphanumeric display

2.4-inch (LCD – TFT) colour display for displaying your favourite programs, pre-set programs, variable fan speed, automatic washing, menus, and settings.

Variable fan speed with a choice of up to six speeds
Intermittent fan mode available for special cooking requirements.

Scroll and push knobs (select and confirm)

Sequential ignition LED bars according to the selected cooking temperature

LCS automatic washing system with liquid detergent in 100% recyclable cardboard, inserted in the specific compartment

Pre-configuration for quick connection of the core probe via an external connector to the standard-supply cooking chamber.

Hand shower with automatic winding, supplied as standard

USB connection to download HACCP data, update software, upload/download cooking programs.

LED bar which switches off gradually until the set cooking time has expired.
Or sequential ignition until the core temperature selected has been reached.


With the Ecospeed function, by recognizing the quantity and type of product being cooked, Sapiens optimizes and controls the delivery of energy and maintains the correct cooking temperature, preventing any fluctuations.
Result: I use only the amount of energy needed

-10% energy
-30% water
-5% weight loss *

GFT Green Fine Tuning

The new GFT (Green Fine Tuning) burner modulation system and the patented high efficiency exchanger prevent power waste and reduce harmful emissions.

-10% energy
-10% CO2 *


Sapiens recognizes the level of steam and only uses the amount of energy required. With the EcoVapor system, there is a definite reduction in water and energy consumption thanks to automatic control of the steam saturation in the cooking chamber.

-10% energy
-50% water
-10% steam *

* Compared to our previous model

Fast Dry® Dry, Crispy Cooking

The patented Fast Dry® system (active cooking chamber dehumidification system) ensures perfect crispiness and browning of fried foods, grilled foods, desserts and bread, even at full loads. It uses 100% of the load capacity.

Autoclima® Tender, juicy cooking

The LAINOX Autoclima® system automatically controls the perfect climate in the cooking chamber.
The temperature and humidity are automatically controlled at the ideal levels according to the food to be cooked. Juiciness and tenderness are also ensured when warming pre-cooked foods.

Choose the system of washing most suited to your needs