Signature Drinks

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Professional Frozen Drink Machines

Cocktails that bring them back

There’s nothing like a Signature Drink to set you apart from the competition, and generate customer loyalty. With Taylor’s model 342, Pirate’s Cove in Elberta sells 60,000 Bushwackers a year!

If you don’t already have a Signature Drink, we can help you develop one. If you do, we can help you convert it to a frozen drink — and introduce “brand extensions” with a variety of new flavors.

Milo’s Freezy: The Ultimate Customer Magnet

In our three and a half decades in business, we’ve never experienced anything close to the pulling power of the Milo’s Freezey. In 2017, we published a single Facebook post featuring the Freezey at Tuscaloosa’s Fast & Easy Chevron. It brought them customers from as far away as Georgia and Tennessee.

Pell City’s The Store installed the Freezey in November, and Food Service Director Kaleena Johnson said, “our sales have been amazing. It’s paying for itself in the winter!”


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