Build Employee Loyalty. At A Fraction Of The Cost To Replace Them.

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Make Your Coffee Make A Difference.

According to a 2016 study published by Zane Benefits, the cost to replace employees can range anywhere from $3328 for a $10 hourly retail worker to $213,000 for a CEO earning $100K. Suddenly, a few extra pennies per cup doesn’t seem too much to spend on loyalty-building perks like Gourmet Coffee and Espresso!

Some companies even offer Espresso Drinks for purchase to defray overhead — a bargain in employees’ minds, when compared with the cost (and time) involved in a trip to the nearest gourmet coffee shop.

Add A Traditional Favorite For Even More Employee Satisfaction.

Another popular option we offer for an employee perk is Soft Serve. This traditional favorite is now one of the fastest-growing dessert choices at some of the trendiest restaurants in the country — and a great way to show employees your appreciation.

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