Zummo Juicers

ZUMMO Professional Juicer

ZUMMO has developed an innovative squeezing system with these characteristics:

• The juice does not touch the peel

• The peel is not squeezed, only the pulp

• Its design and function attracts customers’ attention

• High performance, extracting almost all of the juice

• Capacity to hold citrus fruits of any size

• Easy cleaning

All of that makes Zummo machines completely and absolutely different from all the other automatic machines available in the market.


ZUMMO squeezers offer characteristics that make them unique at the international level.

• The Juicing Process Is Always Visible: ours are the only machines that let the customer see the juicing process from start to finish.

• High Quality Flavour: Zummo juicers do not crush the rind, nor does the juice ever run over them. is produces high quality juice free of oils and acidity.

• Digital Counter-Programmer: you can programme the amount of squeezed oranges per glass, thus controlliing the total number of squeeezed fruit. Standard on all juicers.kind of location.

• Easy Cleaning: daily clean-up can be done in about three minutes.

• High Performance: obtain a higher quantity of squeezed juice per fruit.

• Pays For Itself Quickly: you´ll see a fast jump in juice sales, thanks to our attractive juicing system.

• Reduced Size: our juicers are small enough to fit in any kind of location.

• Capable Of Juicing Large Sized Fruit (depending on the model)

• Reliability And Durability

• Internationally Unique, Patented Juicing System