Grow Sales



Frozen Dessert – Instantly grow sales per customer, and enhance the customer experience through menu diversification, by offering a wide variety of frozen desserts; complementary to any meal.

Heat Up

Summer Profits


Frozen Beverage – Whether substituting breakfast with the healthy smoothie alternative, settling the stomach with a savory milkshake after a meal, or taking the edge off with that perfect cocktail your customers are certain to come back every time to get their favorite frozen beverage fix!

Cut Cooking Time

By Two-Thirds!


Cooking – Would you like a faster easier way to consistently cook any product regardless of who is running the grill?  Ensure your customers product safety, quality, and consistency, while cutting cooking time by two-thirds, with the automated two-sided Crown series grills.

Double Sales

With This Secret!


Espresso – Get it while it’s hot!  Learn to double coffee sales with this little Italian secret!  Increase your profits by offering a wider variety of the number one consumed beverage in the world.


Unparalleled Service Standards

Everything that we do within the Taylor organization is rooted in a higher level of service that we provide to our customers. From our prompt response time, to our expert knowledge of our customers’ businesses, you will come to expect that our points of difference are the insights, products and solutions that we provide.

We call this Red Cape Service—the red cape stands for a level of support that rises above and beyond everything else in the industry.


Proven Track Record

Striving to differentiate yourself from your competition, but not sure how? Rely on the experts at Taylor Sales and Service to provide real-time growth strategies to not only improve sales, but sustain that success in the long hall as well. In its more than 30 years of operation, Taylor Sales and Service has garnered numerous service awards at nation and regional levels. Taylor Sales and Service is a family-owned company— a privately held distributorship that takes pride in our foundation of providing superior service and customer satisfaction. We recognize that the best way to stand out in a competitive industry is in striving to be the best at what we do every time we do it.