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Milkshakes & Smoothies

A Taylor® shake and smoothie freezer is the perfect choice to increase your profits without sacrificing valuable space. Serve a delicious flavor as is, or mix in fresh fruits, candies, or flavored syrups to multiply your offerings and expand your profit potential. These milkshake and smoothie machines come in a variety of versatile models that allow you to easily customize or change signature creations for an efficient LTO program. 

With easy-to-use operation, Taylor foodservice equipment delivers consistent quality products draw after draw. Taylor Sales and Service Sales rep can assist you with planning and customizing options to best suit your foodservice operational goals.

Not only will you have outstanding quality and taste, but you will also provide uncompromising consistency in comparison to your competitors.

How much profit can you make with a Taylor machine in your business?

Are you looking to add some sweetness to your current offerings? We’re here to help. Check out the simple calculator to the right and see how sweet your profits can be when you partner with Taylor Sales and Service to create soft serve and frozen yogurt that will keep bringing smiles and satisfaction to your customers, time and time again.

Looking to save more time with your freezers? Check out our 28HT line of freezers, requiring only one cleaning per month!

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Milkshake & Smoothie Machines